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Inspirational You!

You are an inspiration. Did you know that? People are watching what you do and it inspires them to do it too. It might seem like you are not getting far or doing well, but to someone watching from afar you are showing courage just by doing what seems impossible. Even your toughest, darkest moments are inspiring because you don’t break. You arm yourself with faith and make it through despite the challenges you face. You may fall short and stumble a tad along the way, but you continue to stand tall and believe. Don’t be surprised by those who stand idly by and watch what you do–they know that if you can, they can. You are the catalyst for change. Now that is amazing.



You are brave. Not because you are armored with false protection, but because you are marvelously flawed. You aren’t super human. You aren’t bullet proof. You aren’t perfect. You are faulty and fragile. You walk into the world, not with it’s weight on your shoulders or it’s hand at your back, but with a knowing that you are simply human. Your heart may be broken, your goals may seem too far out of reach, your home may be divided, and your stress may be through the roof but you press. You open the door day after day, you rise every morning, you move beyond your circumstance. You push beyond those limitations, faithful that you can do all things. Therein lies your courage and it is breathtaking. Cherish your bravery–you earned it.



A friend sent this video to me this week and boy was it necessary. We get so hung up on the movement of Life that we forget the power we harness just by being a woman. Powerful message.


The Bees Knees

Guess what? You’re it! You are the bees knees. Give yourself a high five and a pat on the back. Not everyone sees what you do behind the scenes and not everyone appreciates it. Not everyone sees the grime and muck you have to wade through. But you do it! You put your boots and get to the business of doing what needs to be done daily. You. Are. Astounding. Even when you are covered in the muck and grime, your beauty continues to shine through. You know your stuff. You burn the midnight oil. You repair. You battle. You uplift. You walk tall. You get knocked down and yet you keep on going. Girl, give yourself a hug and a new pair of shoes…you deserve that and then some!


The Mind

The mind is a terrible thing to waste, or at least that’s what I’ve been told. The older I become, the more and more I find truth in that statement.

When the Boy & Girl were younger, I spent most of my days in the Stupid-Haze. The Stupid-Haze is the cloud of stupidity that follows you around and numbs all your good common sense and every ounce of your education (both schoolhouse and life). You start speaking in broken English and wondering why you were in the grocery store (sigh).

Part of the reason why I found myself in the idiot predicament was because I stopped working on the gray (or grey…I’m still working on it) matter.  I stopped reading. I stopped writing. I stopped having adult conversation that did not consist of kids, cartoons and bills. I stopped coloring, drawing and painting. I stopped playing games and laying on the grass. I stopped feeding my spirit. Instead I dumbed myself down by numbing myself.

A day came when I became aware of my new found stupidity and something needed to be done. I began moving back to what I loved–learning.  When we stop learning, we stop creating. When we stop creating, we stop living.  When we stop living, we stop evolving. Evolution is essential to Spirit survival.  A healthy, happy spirit is nourished by the constant openness (and willingness) to be still and learn.

Naturally, that takes a bit of effort through reading, writing, meditating, and creating, and that suites me just fine. I am committed to the process of learning through various channels and opening up my mind to what is possible both inside and outside of myself.


Joy In Between

Your spirit gets weary with the battles you fight daily. You battle in your home. You battle in your heart. You battle in your mind. You battle on your job and it seems like there is no rest…ah, but joy…Joy is waiting in the in between. Those quiet moments in the morning, the sight of your child at rest, the laughter of a loved one, the deep breath you take before beginning again are all apart of the joy in between. Find your joy in those moments, gather your strength, refocus on your goals, and just lift your hands to say thank you. Grab your small moments of joy and hold them close. They are the fuel you need to take it one day, one moment, one small battle at a time.