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Today I AM: Praising God

Today I AM breathing God. I am packing Him in my lungs and holding on tight. There are times when I can’t breathe or speak or sing or walk or see, praying or not. There are moments when clouds hover and mist rolls in, blurring the path to clarity. But He never stops putting breath into me, or speaking to me, or singing to me, or walking with me, or seeing me. He never stops clearing the path–blurry or not. I make space and stop time to say thank you daily….but sometimes….it deserves to be shouted.


Freestyle Friday: Stop and Smell The Roses


Every time I go into the grocery store I pass by the flower section, and each time I stop and smell the roses. Only the roses. It is something I have been doing for years…I really don’t know how it started or why. But each time I pass by those gorgeous, delicate pieces of God’s art I stop, smile, and inhale. No thoughts come to mind. No stresses take over the moment. No sounds are heard. No questions to answer. Just a moment in time where the world stops and it is okay. Every time I stop, it is a reminder that God created beautiful. He created gorgeous. He created delicate. He created breath and life and time. And everything He created was for a multitude of purposes, one of which is purely for our enjoyment. So the next time you happen to pass by a flower (doesn’t have to be a rose) make the conscious decision to stop and smell it. Take a moment, breathe it in and enjoy the gift of His art. I know I will 😛


Do Over

Remember being a kid playing a game in the front yard with the neighborhood kids? Remember making up the rules as you went along? What happened the very first time someone made a mistake? They yelled “Do over!” Everyone instantly knew what that meant.  Well, guess what…the ‘do over’ rule hasn’t changed. We grew up, moved past the front yard, and forgot about the ‘do over’ card sitting in our back pocket. You messed up yesterday. You cursed the old lady out in front of you at the red light. You ate that gorgeous piece of cake for breakfast. No matter the mistake and no matter how big or small you, my dear, get a do over. Don’t fret about not getting it right the first time, hardly anyone does. Just concentrate on the lesson, putting forth a genuine effort, and when your do over comes around you will pass with flying colors. Life isn’t about getting it right 100% of the time–it’s about being able to get up, dust yourself off and do it over. No one is perfect–no…not even you–but everyone is capable of doing it over.



People show you who they are in the beginning. What version of yourself are you showing? The rough and tumble persona you toss out into the world is not your genuine self. The over the top people pleaser or the insensitive straight lace isn’t you either. We all have some sort of armor to sport day in and day out, and most of us wear it well. Who would you be–who could you be without it? You may be a little rough around the edges; you may be a tad-bit over the top or even a little too straight and narrow, but showing off the real you is what makes this journey come alive. You are vibrant, awesome, extraordinary, beautiful, wonderfully made, creative, loving, caring and, yes, you do kick ass. Why hide those remarkable things? Show them off to anyone who happens to be looking in your direction (and even those that aren’t). Let ’em get an eye full of that remarkable you.


Freestyle Friday: Balls To The Wall

As things go in life, we change. The world is ever changing. Things grow and die, are born and reborn. Material things are lost and spirits are found. Most of us are living in this vacuum of social media, television, news stories, and budget crunches. What would happen…what could happen if we lived most of our days B2W?

When I first heard the expression balls to the wall (expressed here as B2W courtesy of typing laziness) , I giggled to myself a bit and filed it away with other witty sayings such as ass clown and ass hat. I still pull those out from time to time due to frustration or lack of appropriate language, but it wasn’t until I opted to tri did the B2W expression actually mean something.

I mulled it over, said it a few times and let it wash over me. I am still uncertain as to who or how it came into existence (or what it really means), but, from what I gather, it means toughness. Get wild. Go crazy. Carpe effing Diem bitches. Smash some stuff. Push until there are no more obstacles in the way. Take chances. Throw your spears/bow & arrows in the air and scream in a pre-victory victory cheer while your opponent watches dumbfounded. Go balls out, grab em (whether you gottem or not), and strut like youarethe(wo)man.

Upon mediating on it at 1 a.m. (on a work day no doubt), it hit me that 85% of Life should be lived just like that. I won’t say 100% or even 90%…we are human and a 0-10% margin for error clearly isn’t enough–for this chick anyway. There is evidence of people who live their lives this way. You see them in movies or in magazines. You hear about their death defying feats and read about it in their rise to stardom. There are some real life examples all around you every day. Look at them. Study them. Figure it out and then break out.

Bills are due? Eff em. Car is breaking down? Screw it. Baby Daddy tripping? Eff him too. Job not going right? Walk out (ok, wait…don’t do that…just call in sick maybe). Let’s go do something that matters. Let’s jump out of airplanes and climb mountains. Let’s drink beer and eat pizza at 8 a.m. Let’s get in the car and drive nonstop until we run out of gas. Let’s flirt. Let’s run. Let’s dance naked. Let’s scream. Let’s ride a roller coaster. Let’s dance and sing terribly. Let’s love. Let’s just go all out and when it is all said and done–let’s wake up tomorrow and do it all over again.

Life should be lived, yes? Lived boldly, do you agree? Me too. That’s why I am going to give it a good ol’ college try. I am going to throw my proverbial balls right into that wall and go ham….uhhh…right after I pay my overdue water bill. Standby.