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Freestyle Friday: Absolve Elsewhere


Nope. No. No sir. You don’t get to absolve your stuff here. You don’t get to clear your conscience with me. You don’t get to say sorry and expect absolution. I am not the judge. I am not the jury. I am a by-stander who just happened to get hurt standing in the crowd. I do not get a say in your heavy hearted matters, and to be quite honest I don’t want a say.

Silly me, standing too close. I should have stepped away. But instead I stood looking on thinking it would not be me…Silly silly girl. But that doesn’t mean you get to apologize. Your words are thin and easy to tear. They are transparent and dangerous. That’s the most lethal thing you know….that which can be seen.

They make you believe it’s the monsters in the dark that will get you, but it’s all lies and fairy tales. What gets you isn’t the bump in the night but the thing in broad day light. It’s safer that way, for the thing that is…to get you when you can see it plain as day. It doesn’t have to creep up or devise a plan, it can just do it’s damage and point blaming fingers because…well…you saw it coming, right?

Nope. No. No sir. You don’t get to drop your guilt off here. This isn’t a Safe Place. This plate is full enough already. You don’t get to dip your soiled rags in my already muddied water, trying to cleanse yourself. You don’t get to ask questions or make comments. You don’t get rights to my happiness or my friendship.

Nope. No sir. Absolve yourself elsewhere…not in my lap.


Freestyle Friday: Stop and Smell The Roses


Every time I go into the grocery store I pass by the flower section, and each time I stop and smell the roses. Only the roses. It is something I have been doing for years…I really don’t know how it started or why. But each time I pass by those gorgeous, delicate pieces of God’s art I stop, smile, and inhale. No thoughts come to mind. No stresses take over the moment. No sounds are heard. No questions to answer. Just a moment in time where the world stops and it is okay. Every time I stop, it is a reminder that God created beautiful. He created gorgeous. He created delicate. He created breath and life and time. And everything He created was for a multitude of purposes, one of which is purely for our enjoyment. So the next time you happen to pass by a flower (doesn’t have to be a rose) make the conscious decision to stop and smell it. Take a moment, breathe it in and enjoy the gift of His art. I know I will 😛


Freestyle Friday: Mom Mobile

When you are weighed down by the ball and chain and you have two kids, it’s okay to operate a minivan. Add a house, the ‘burbs, and two dogs and it’s almost expected. But, err, what happens when that changes?

Relationship status should not be the catalyst for change of style or direction, but let’s just face it, it kinda does…especially break up status. Yea, breaking up is hard to do but mostly because you spend so much time and money revamping yourself. You strive to be the you you should have been all along or the you that was lost, but then real life steps in and corrects you just a bit.

I drive a Mom Mobile. Not just because it’s a minivan but also because it houses several things that should not really be in a motor vehicle (belonging to a single lady) unless it’s an Office Depot truck or a food truck. Currently, I have gloves, a wooden box full of rocks, a head band, a soccer ball, two baseball uniforms, a baseball bag, dirty socks (none of which match), food wrappers and art supplies kindly placed in the floor, on the seats or tucked away in whatever compartment the kids felt necessary to stick it in.

I have seen and been a party to other moms Mom Mobiles and they are all the same. Toys, shoes, socks, bags, trash, food, books, paper, mail, sticky stuff in places you would never think sticky stuff to go all accompanied by that sad, pained, helpless look ‘I’m sorry for the mess. If my life actually belonged to me, my car wouldn’t look like this and neither would my hair or clothes for that matter’.

A girlfriend and I went out on a much needed girls night. We were driving around blasting songs like Partition & Flawless…’yonce empowered. When we reached the restaurant, she snatched the volume down to a whisper as we skated past a patio table full of gentleman. We busted out laughing at the silent understanding that no matter how cute we looked we were still parking a minivan.

I can’t change the whip right now. Aside from its obvious gas guzzling capabilities, it’s paid for, it’s roomy & it runs relatively well. I can wash it and clean out the kid debris but that won’t change the slight cringe I get when I get out in a short skirt and high heels. I suppose I should be proud to be riding in the Mom Whip–it is an honorable task I have been given: master the sister/brother arguments over the front seat and the radio, teach sex ed and life lessons on the way to school and deal with others who don’t know how to drive. Mom Mobile to the rescue….and to practice…and to school….and to work….


Freestyle Friday: It’s No Big Deal

So apparently, Freestyle Fridays have turned into dance party pauses…and when you think about it…that’s what Friday should be about anyway. Katy Perry does a great job of introducing a little fun into this serious situation called life with her latest dance party pause. Whenever I hear this song or see the video (especially the ice cream cone) I forget what is going on at the moment and giggle out loud.  It’s no big deal, after all, this is how we do 😛

Freestyle Friday: Love Shack

I used to turn this song up loud and wig out with the kids snug in their car seats wigging out too. I heard it on the radio yesterday afternoon and I was instantly happy and bouncing along. If this song doesn’t make you lose a little control and let loose then we must revisit your idea of freestyle.

Freestyle Friday: Rock Candy For The Ladies

dwayne-johnson-the-rock-11After seeing the previews for Hercules lately, I found myself surfing the web looking for one D. Rock Johnson just to see how big he’s gotten for the role. His latest big is a little too big for me, but this suites me just fine. Ok…ladies…can we say “yum”?  That is all. Happy Friday!